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Someone who lies with a smile and a smooth voice is a liar just the same.
Sometimes. Sometimes. There is a wolf among the pack with an entire plan we are all so naive to. The history of destruction. The cycles of separation, confusion, tearing all good apart creating bad. God is the only light. So we all may know there must be a blessing coming from all the deception. He always has a plan. Thank you God Almighty for placing me right where you wanted & needed me to be, to see it all. Half of the fight, sometimes more than half for some, we fight  with Mental Health/Illness is the perspectives & perceptions inside our heads or the ones we innocently allow as good souls to be placed there. Thankful today for the guidance, wisdom, and patience He is giving me. 

My safe place is honesty. My safe place is right here. 

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P-personal and social responsibility Take control and responsibility for your actions, and work daily on personal development.

R-respect for others and self-discipline- You should have emotional stability, treat others with mutual respect, and live a healthy lifestyle.

I-integrity, ethics, & leadership- Display a high level of integrity in your life, work to improve the world around you, and develop personal leadership skills.

D-diversity and community- Engage the community, understand the cultural diversity of the population, and demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities to engage with the ever-increasing world we live in.

E-expression and free exchange- Always be open to dialogue and free expression, remain open-minded, and strive to improve your critical and integrative thinking skills.”
This is an important concept to forever remind oneself of. Humility is a daily practice. I will always follow the pact to myself and God not hesitating to admit when I am at fault no matter how hard it is.

“Honesty is everything. Growth is the necessity.” – mistakenldy

The Conflict Analysis Blog

I will be the first to admit I am not perfect. I am stubborn, set in my ways, have a low tolerance for stupidity, dislike people with a lack of common sense, and liars. I try to live my life with dignity, and display a moral and ethical behavior I could look back on and feel good about when I die. However, I have let my pride get in my way of admitting when I am wrong or when I refuse to be challenged on a particular issue. How many times have you had a “discussion” with your significant other, co-worker, or boss, and you refused to give in, knowing there was a possibility you were in the wrong.

What is pride? I found a great definition from a Hofstra University student who was a key member of student engagement in and out of the classroom during their college career.

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I found this website below to have a lot of useful worksheets: Tons of Therapy Worksheets are located here

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Some people collect rare coins, or stamps, or ancient antiques.

Some fill their homes with exquisite jewels and vintage vinyl records; hearts swelling with pride as their trophies stagnate among swirling dust motes and the echo of past accolades.

Me, I’m a little different. I collect something infinitely more precious than anything I can buy or trade. I treasure soul mates.

I won’t love you immediately, I’m sorry. Sometimes I wish that I could, but I’m just not made that way. Some of you will never make it through the barriers of my heart. You won’t notice of course; you can’t miss what you have never had, and I don’t fancy myself so very important to your day-to-day life anyway.

I am a little magpie, whose eye is caught by the sparkle of certain souls. You will see me tilt my head to the side, looking at you, smiling through wry lips as I allow myself to see you. And once I do love you, I will move heaven and earth to adore you, no matter what, for as long as you allow me to.

You will never know a love like it.

I will keep you safely in my pocket and protect you fiercely. I will accept all of you: the light and the darkness. If I feel something beautiful in you, I will long to keep you forever. This is a double-edged sword, of course. “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” I’m the first to admit that I’m not very good at letting go of my treasured ones when the time comes, even when it is best for us both. Even though I understand that not everyone we meet is destined to be in our lives forever.

Logically, I understand. Emotionally, it hurts like hell.

Grief will render me senseless.

I will weep, and yell and, sometimes, I will behave badly. Forgive me please. Pain will do that to a person. It means that you have had such an impact on my life that I struggle to imagine what shape I will take without you. It means that I do not want to live in a world where we don’t talk everyday, and where your smile doesn’t light up my life on a regular basis.

It means that I don’t feel ready to say goodbye, even though it might be time.

Maybe you came to me because I was struggling, as angels often do, to share the heavy load that weighed on my heart. You wiped my tears away, softly soothed back my hair and let me know that everything would be okay, someday.

Perhaps you came to teach me about myself, about who I really am. To show me how to be strong, how to embrace the natural beauty of our world, and how to use it to inspire my creations. You gave me a piece of yourself to forever reflect within me and I truly love you for that.

I believe that I brought something to your life too; that we changed each other in ways that can never be undone, leaving footprints on each other’s soul to cherish. Yet, it appears we have taught each other all that we can for the moment.

We have shared our last sunset together and our laughter is a memory that resonates fondly in my heart.

This doesn’t mean we don’t love each other anymore, far from it. In fact, we love each other enough to want the other to continue their journey onwards through life, to new adventures and growth, and new soul mates with different lessons—knowing that they can always reach out to us with trembling hands in turbulent times.

Every time we let go, we make space for new and beautiful things to enter our lives. One door closes, and another is waiting to show us to fresh marvels, if we are brave enough to open it.

I am learning to hold on with gratitude to all that I learn from my soul mates, to cherish the time that we shared and to let them go if the time is right, without regret. I realize now that we must love with abandon, giving our hearts fully and freely, even knowing that one day it might hurt us badly.

The fact that love is not guaranteed forever makes it all the more precious.

Let’s treasure that.

JoJo Rawden





I heard this on a video clip for one of my online career classes today. Pretty interesting concept when you break down what “FEAR” actually may be.  This is what the narrator said he believes FEAR is for most people whether it means in their personal or professional life. Being that I suffer from severe PTSD/C-PTSD, I must chose to be optomistic when it comes to my career & professional life as well as my personal life. These are very hard concepts for me at times. Sometimes. Easier than others.

The point I am trying to make is this; look at the word. Think about what you are most afraid of. Then look at this breakdown. Are you contemplating your fears any differently?

Those of us who live and survive through mental struggles, whether you call it an illness, a disorder, are diagnosed, or undiagnosed, this little tool may be helpful in your daily journey. I plan to recite this a few times each day for the next 7 days any time I feel “fearful” of something. No matter what it is. Hopefully, this will help others too.


The point of the photo is that we start down low with that FEAR holding us closest to the ground, dark, not too welcoming. When breaking the word down by letter and concept, putting things into clearer perspective, well… gets lighter, brighter and the sky is the limit. Just saying. 



“You are ridiculously in charge of your life.”- Henry Cloud

drew-happinessNatural and Real

Everyday is a new day, choosing to smile and see the positive in all things is difficult for me at times but I am choosing to be happy. (Drew Barrymore is my favorite actress too) If there is one thing I know about myself is I don’t like ordinary. It’s ok but I would rather be around the unique, the odd, the different people in life and be myself.

“Imperfect in many ways but growing day after day.”-mistakenldy

Hope this post brings a smile and moment of happiness to the face of each who reads it 🙂

Very good list of Boundaries! I may not suffer with PPS but these are definitely what helped me during the last several years of healing and getting to the healthy me I lost sight of for a little bit. I allowed stress & anxiety to overwhelm me & lost focus. These are great tools Annie thanks for posting!


What does it mean to set boundaries?The entire concept of setting boundaries is something that those of us with People Pleaser Syndrome did not grow up with. Most of us with people pleaser syndrome, grew up in mentally abusive households and we were not taught about setting boundaries, as a natural developmental course of our upbringing.

The idea of boundary setting can be confusing. Here are some things that I have learned as an adult, that I did not learn growing up. I was the same as you, and I did not understand the need to set boundaries, what they were , or how to set them.

What are boundaries?Boundaries are limits. They are limits of what you will do and  what you will tolerate from others.

One example of a boundary would be a teenager who was still a virgin and she has set a boundary…

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