Wishing I didn’t feel anything at all. Not to be confused. Not to have my heart breaking. Not to feel anxiety. It would just be so much easier. 

The urge to cut is strong but I am stronger. With the help of a confidant and friend in the Lord it is a bit more bearable. I just feel so “EMPTY”. 

Unwanted, unloved and lost. All that I knew and grew to open up and love too is no longer it seems. Its all just “EMPTY”. 

  1. Blue Sky says:

    You may feel empty, but your words are not. They are powerful and strong and filled with determination. You are amazing! Nothing can change that, not your feelings or your pain! You are amazing! I hope you can let these words soak in and receive them.

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  2. mistakenldy says:

    Thank you for your kind words of support and encouragement “Blue” 😊


  3. I know that feeling . It’s awful but it does pass 😉

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