PTSD fact

Here explains having no words.

Trauma Tree

    • mistakenldy says:

      Thank you for reblogging 🙂

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      • Hello. Nice that you are awake. I never know what time zone people are in. Some people I end up connecting with at 2 am because it is 10 am there.
        It is nice once in a while when someone is online at the same time that I am reading their posts.

        Your blog means a lot to me. I have PTSD and I have been very bad lately. I thought it was getting better and then Bam ! The brain just does a U-turn and you are back in flashbacks and severe anxiety again.

        So I was getting some validation and comfort from your blog just now. I really love the tree. I posted it on my Pinterest page also.

        Much love,

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      • mistakenldy says:

        Thanks more than words for your acknowledgement & kindness. Im actually trying for the 2nd time to sleep. It makes my heart smile to know this is helping you to feel better even a little is better than not at all.
        Im sorry you are experiencing the flashbacks. I too have been for a few weeks, biological Mother being a horrific trigger. My prayers & positive thoughts going out for you. Rest easy Annie, we are survivors & this too shallpass. Xoxo


  1. annj49 says:

    I like the tree illustration.
    Would really like to have a copy of that…’s a great visual!

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  2. K says:

    Did you create this trauma tree picture? I would like to credit the person who created it as it is an excellent visual image.
    We work with victims of CSE in UK.

    Many thanks 🙂

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    • mistakenldy says:

      Thank you for stopping by my page. No I didn’t. If I’m not mistaken it’s an image I found to use for a project a few years ago on PTSD & Trauma effects. Thought it would be good info for other victims & their loved ones. Or simply for anyone educating themselves on this topic in our society today. 🙂 Hope you are successful in your works.


  3. PTSD

    […]We see the affected person about 3 weeks after the rape in a neighborhood nursing residence, where she was moved after a four day keep at the hospital.[…]


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