People Pleaser Syndrome – Setting Boundaries with Yourself to Avoid Manipulation

Posted: May 24, 2015 in Anxiety, Depression, mental abuse, Mental Illness, PTSD, relationships, suicide, Trauma
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Very good list of Boundaries! I may not suffer with PPS but these are definitely what helped me during the last several years of healing and getting to the healthy me I lost sight of for a little bit. I allowed stress & anxiety to overwhelm me & lost focus. These are great tools Annie thanks for posting!


What does it mean to set boundaries?The entire concept of setting boundaries is something that those of us with People Pleaser Syndrome did not grow up with. Most of us with people pleaser syndrome, grew up in mentally abusive households and we were not taught about setting boundaries, as a natural developmental course of our upbringing.

The idea of boundary setting can be confusing. Here are some things that I have learned as an adult, that I did not learn growing up. I was the same as you, and I did not understand the need to set boundaries, what they were , or how to set them.

What are boundaries?Boundaries are limits. They are limits of what you will do and  what you will tolerate from others.

One example of a boundary would be a teenager who was still a virgin and she has set a boundary…

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