People will be just that. People. We will be just that. People.

Every last one of us has many sides, if you may, to who we are. Some good. Some bad. Some intended. Some certainly not. One thing we all have in common? We all make mistakes. What makes all the difference is how we handle those mistakes. A mistake is only a mistake when made the first time and the lesson is learned. After that it becomes a choice.

Over the last several months I have been faced with many changes (I don’t necessarily do so well with change just FYI). Through all these changes there has been good and bad. I choose to be a happy person pulling myelf out of the slump chosen to be in for 4 days. Taking time to myself to reflect on the trials and tribulations and intense levels of stress turning to silence and God was the best thing I could have done. Some people make promises they can’t keep. Others follow through. Point being it has nothing to do with you. What other people think of me is none of my business.

When we care about ourselves first, are confident in the beautiful soul we are; life comes back full term to what we lost sight of in midst of the choas around us. Working on DBT book, reading further on my PTSD and going to therapy makes a world of difference. Moments of peace and clarity are the beautifully unique moments each of us needs to recenter and get back to the healthy state we were in before all the chaos started again. I will not allow others to determine my smile, inside or out. I will NOT allow people from my past to burden my state of mind effecting life of today any further. The beauty of knowing it is all still here within me is all that matters and those people and things are not as big as God or me. 🙂

Whatever you may be battling with from day to day I hope this may bring you sunshine in the darkness and hope to the future of your brightness. It’s in there we just have to dig it back up.


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