Narcissistic Abuse – The Illusion and False Reality

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Anxiety, Depression, Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, Hope, lies, Memories, mental abuse, PTSD, relationships, suicide, Trauma
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This is spot on to the emotional & mental abuse I endured for years. Learning all of the aspects listed in this post were important when I was healing. Escaping the aftermath takes much longer than majority of people realize. Please take time to read this post and open your minds to further understand domestic violence survivors & how our brains function after trauma. Hoping this helps others understand, gives the hope needed to anyone in these current situations 🙂


Inherent to being in any type of abusive relationship, is the illusion. The illusion is the false reality which the abuser feeds to the victim. The victim accepts this reality for a few reasons, mainly in an attempt to protect their own sanity.

The reality was fed to the victim through the use of brainwashing tactics. At first the controlling party gave the subordinate the feeling that they had control and that they were making their own choices. The abuser gave them a false sense of confidence and safety in the relationship.

This false confidence came in the form of praise and the appearance of concern for the victim. The abuser put the victim on a pedestal and made them feel that they were needed. The abuser may have acted as though they were actually the one that was in the position of submission to the victim.

The abuser…

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