14 Things Your Friends With Anxiety Want You To Know

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Anxiety, Domestic Violence, honesty, mental abuse, Mental Illness, PTSD, relationships, suicide, Trauma
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Couldn’t have stated any of these better! Stress in high levels only makes it all more intense.

Thought Catalog

ave via Summer

1. Things that seem completely “normal” to you can be very stressful for us. Everybody feels anxious about the lingering uncertainties in their lives, over tensions with friends or decisions that need be made, but we often feel anxious about the things that don’t logically warrant concern. That’s what makes it a problem. That’s the first thing you have to understand: we know it’s not rational, but that doesn’t make it unreal to us.

2. Things that seem completely “fun” to you tend to be even more so. What you think of as the Best Time Ever is often a combination of our most triggering situations: crowded rooms of strangers, social settings where we feel displaced, doing anything illegal or risky even… I could go on. The point is: we have a very different concept of “fun,” as there’s little joy to be had for us in a…

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