Posted: April 24, 2015 in Anxiety, Poem, PTSD, relationships, truth
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MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY; now back to shutting the world out. It’s easier to just shut up and stay down when you have a mind like mine.
Words don’t matter. Get misconstrued. Get shut out. Screw it why bother. No mistrust. No disgust. No accusation. No situation. Tomorrow is another day. Then maybe my character will matter. Until then silence & isolation. I choose the latter.

Of life she writes.

I’m the type of person that takes everything in consideration.

I have this little machine in my head that is always turned on.

Always thinking about the consequences and possible situations.

I want to take people in considerations when I act on something that could possibly affect them.

Lately, I’ve developed this ideology where communication is important to me.

I think that if there’s communication between people, that anything could be possible.

Everything that was once impossible now has endless possibilities.

Endless solutions.

Everything could happen.

Communication opens the door to so many things.

It gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, tell people how we feel, why we feel.

I just..

I’ve come to appreciate it so much even though sometimes it doesn’t always yield the results that I expect or would hope for.

Communication is key for every single relationship whether its familial or romantic.

Talk about things.

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