Addressing Depression in Trauma Disorders

Posted: March 26, 2015 in Anxiety, Depression, Mental Illness, PTSD, Trauma
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Great informational read right here.

Discussing Dissociation

Depression and Sadness


It is no secret that trauma survivors get depressed, and depression is the most commonly known and experienced mental health disorder.

Typical depression symptoms include:

  • Suicidal thoughts, recurring death thoughts, death wishes
  • Suicidal behavior and suicide attempts
  • Self destructive behavior, self injury, self harm
  • Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, self hatred, or not deserving to live
  • Loss of energy, fatigue, excessive sleeping
  • Little or no interest or pleasure in anything or anybody
  • Inability to think, or to concentrate, or to make decisions
  • Significant but unintentional changes in weight loss or weight gain
  • Significant but unintentional changes in appetite
  • For children, not making normal and expected weight gains and physical growth


Depression Word Collage


For trauma survivors, depression can have layered meanings beyond the typical medical symptoms.

Repeated patterned depressions can be very much related to a specific or recurring trauma, or to a significant loss.  For dissociative survivors with DID/MPD, the…

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