No Fear

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Anxiety, Hope, PTSD

Don’t fear change. Change fear. 

There has been great, positive change in my life. Recognizing each change & appreciating these changes is most important. Not being afraid. Changing fear creates unbelievable levels of happiness. 

Facing fear can be difficult yes. Ensuring not to project our fears onto the ones we hold close, those who love us most is key. 

I have an amazing group of friends and an awesome boyfriend. They help reassure me because they care. He embraces my fear, making it disappear. 

How do you handle your fears? What do you need from others to help eliminate your fears? 

  1. Thank you for sharing this, mistaken’. Courageous words that provide hope to the rest of us. Your loved ones are there and will love and care for you no matter if you project your fears on them or not. Those closest to us acknowledge and accept our hurts. They accept us not as “damaged goods”, but as pricelessly aged treasures…battle worn soldiers with character carved canyons lining our soul. We teach them with our histories. We teach them empathy. We teach them kindness. We teach them words hurt as much as actions. We teach them to be mindful of others’ feelings no matter how rigid we may seem. We teach them to let down their curtains and take off their masks. We teach them transparency and character. Bravo to you for teaching us these things.

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